Boycotting the dog races at the Labrador Winter Games, more on the Labrador Grenfell Health staffing issues, and celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Labrador Morning

The Labrador Winter Games could be down a number of dog team racers if changes aren't made to the event. We'll talk with one musher about his concerns. Climate change is on the agenda today at the NunatuKavut Resource Stewardship Workshop. We'll chat with the climate change coordinator. The mayor of Happy Valley Goose Bay weighs in on the issue of staffing at Labrador Grenfell Health. We'll speak with the Public Legal Information Association of NL about a 6 month project to educate newcomers about knowing their legal rights in this province. Today is Chinese New Year. We're going to speak with Xingpei Li who is just one of the handful of people from China living in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

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