Keeping Houses in order, a nurse talks about why she resigned from Labrador Grenfell Health, and how to build an igloo.

Labrador Morning

You may have seen the house speaker in the UK keeping his house in order during the brexit votes, but how do speakers do it in Canada? We'll ask some of them from all over the country who were in Happy Valley Goose Bay over the weekend. NunatuKavut is hosting their 2nd annual resource stewardship workshop this week. We'll talk with a community council member about what's on the agenda. A senior nurse hopes that her resigning from the Labrador Health Centre sends a strong message to Labrador Grenfell Health. We'll speak with Doreen Hawco-Mahoney about her decision to leave. And the Big Land Trapper is at it again. We'll drop by his home in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to play in the snow.

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