An Operation For Hope

Daybreak Alberta

When we think about the experience of getting health care in Canada, most of us consider things like long lines in a waiting room. If it's something serious, we hope that we'll survive the illness. However, in some parts of the world, needing health care be a matter of dignity, even public shame. In Zimbabwe, many children are born with cleft palates and in some cases, the deformity is seen a punishment from god. A few health care workers from Alberta have been travelling to Africa over the last decade where they spend a week performing corrective surgeries on these childrens to change their physical appearance. Additionally, the service can improve the mental health outlook of the patient, their parents, and even an entire community can also be affective. In March 2019, the group Global Aid Society in partnership with Operation of Hope Worldwide are holding a fundraiser to seend a team of healthcare professionals to perform free surgeries for children in Zimbabwe. One of the people going is Calgary surgeon, Dr. Christian Schrag and he spoke with Russell.

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