A name change, a new mural and a contagious dog virus are topics of discussion on today's podcast.

Labrador Morning

The Labrador Winter games received a lot of flack for adding Nalcor to the name of the northern games. But now it's all changed again. We'll hear from the games chairperson. We're going to find out about a new mural that's bringing comfort to long term care residents in Happy Valley-Goose bay who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer's. The community food sharing centre in St. John's went up in flames and it's affecting the whole province, including right here in Labrador. We'll hear how. His bark is not worse than the virus your precious pooch could get without being vaccinated. We find out about a contagious dog virus that's been confirmed in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. And it's hard to exercise your dog when you can't let them run because of full fences? We drop by the Lake Melville Dog Park where organizers are looking for a little help.

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