A Chronicle of Losing Over 300 Pounds

Daybreak Alberta

The beginning of a new year is often a reset for people as the turnover of the calendar can be a time to re-commit to losing weight and feeling better. Sometimes, though, it's not a specific date that motivates us - moreover, it's a significant event and for some, it didn't get much more significant than being evacuated from their home. That's what happened to thousands of Fort McMurray residents in 2016 when the wildfires threatened to completely consume the town. One of those residents was Tony Bussey and the event was so traumatic for him that he found the desire to lose weight. Bussey has just published a new book called "Through Thick & Thin: How the Wildfire was a Wake Up Call to Transform my Life!" It's available online from Amazon.ca and the book chronicles his life after the fires, and how he lost over 300 pounds. Russell Bowers spoke with Tony Bussey from his home in Fort Mac.

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