Dec. 30, 2018 - New Year Optimism

Cross Country Checkup

Maybe it was ever thus, but right now, it feels like the world is in a precarious spot. Brexit has Europe on the brink of unpredictable change, nobody is sure which direction Donald Trump's U.S. is headed, trade wars and political uneasiness are making markets volatile and far-right politics is on the rise in many parts of the world. You could be forgiven for wanting to hide under the duvet. Instead, we want you to come out and tell us what gives you optimism as we go into 2019. Is it in politics? Perhaps you think Canada is standing taller than some of the world's superpowers, maybe our economy is in a better place, or you're heartened that climate change is getting more attention than previously? Maybe that optimism isn't for you - journalism is getting a rough ride and fake news is on the rise. Our question: What gives you optimism going into 2019

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