Drumming Up Tales of A Charlie Brown Christmas

Daybreak Alberta

In 1964, San Francisco musician, Jerry Granelli, had just scored a regular gig with the Vince Guaraldi Trio. After playing with a number of ensembles, he welcomed the opportunity to have a steady group. As part of his 2 years with Vince, he played on the recording sessions for a soundtrack to a Christmas TV special featuring characters from the comic strip, "Peanuts." Jerry moved on to other projects before "A Charlie Brown Christmas" wven went to air in December of 1965, however, he never knew what impact that show and soundtrack album would have. Now, some 50-odd years later, he tours with his own show called "Tales of a Charlie Brown Christmas." Part oral history, part concert and part screening, Granelli, as the only surviving member of the original trio, offers a unique insider perspective to families, Peanuts and jazz music enthusiasts alike. Among other things, learn how this iconic production was almost never made and what critics thought about the 1965 soundtrack. He's bringing the show to the Arden Theatre in St. Albert on December 15, and ahead of that, he spoke with Russell from his home in Halifax.

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