The Macleod Gazette - 136 Years And Counting

Daybreak Alberta

Imagine a world where the government wants to silence dissent and newspapers are seen as the biggest culprits. The head of the government wants to pass a law that will ensure newspapers publish only the news and information the leader wants public. That might sound like a premise we see in the American media these days, however, that scenario is closer to home. In 1937, the Alberta government headed up by Premier William Aberhart was upset with stories in Alberta newspapers about his administration. A Press Act was introduced that would shut down any newspaper the government felt didn't tow their propaganda line. The fight against the act ended up with a Pulitzer Prize for the Edmonton Journal as well as a group of smaller papers that stepped up to fight for press freedom. One of the papers cited for their efforts in the Pulitzer is the Macleod Gazette. The paper has serviced the Fort Macleod for 136 years and during the latest Daybreak@Night, Russell Bowers chatted with Gazette owner and publisher, Frank McTighe.

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