Louise Loon Bosum graduates from the Heavy Machinery Course given at Waswanipi's Vocational Training Centre

Winschgaoug (Cree)

In 2014, Louise Loon and her daughter Doriane Bosum enrolled in the Heavy Machine Operator course at Waswanipi's Vocational Training Centre. Louise was determined to finish the course and was hoping for a mother and daughter graduation but, it did not happen. Both Louise and Dorianne completed the course, her daughter passed all her driving tests. But, Louise failed one of her driving tests. A few weeks ago, she got a call from the Vocational Training Center in Waswanipi asking her if she wanted to come back and try doing the driving test she failed. She spoke to her children about the offer and all her children encouraged her to give it another try. She passed her driving exam and her daughter Dorianne was there as her escort for her graduation on Thursday, November 8, 2018.

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