Saluting the Heroes of Alberta

Daybreak Alberta

It was the start of October when Calgary, Banff and southern Alberta got hit with a sudden snowstorm, seeing over a foot of snow cause traffic havoc in the cities and on the Trans Canada Highway. One of the people who made the most of being stranded for 10-hours on the highway was trumpet soloist Jens Lindemann, an Edmonton-born musician who has been accalimed the world over for his virtuoso playing. With snow faling and with cars and trucks backed up for miles, he decided to get out of his vehicle and serenade his fellow travellers. The performance was captured on viseo, and soon he was a You-Tube sensation. He returned to Calgary to perform and help open the new downtown location of the Calgary Public Library and that's where Russell Bowers caught up with Jens to preview his new music, a three-part salute to 3 legendary Albertans.

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