TD Canadian Children's Literature Nominee Visits Alberta

Daybreak Alberta

Each Autumn, five books for young readers are finalists in the running for the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award. The $50,000 prize is the richest for Canadian kids lit and its awarded to the creators of one book for readers up to the age of 12. As part of the lead up to award getting announced next month, the authors of the 5 books get to travel the country where they meet readers and do demonstrations at various local schools. This year, Bowcroft Elementary in Calgary was selected for a visit and Barbara Reid brought her book, "Picture The Sky" for a group of kindergarteners. Reid writes the stories for her 25 books, but she often will make the images in those books out plastecine, so, in addition to reading her book for the kids at Bowcroft, she also helped them play and make their own images out of play-dough. Russell Bowers spoke with the children's author and illustrator at Bowcroft Elementary in Calgary. You can find out more about the award and the authors by going to

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