Labrador Morning - On Demand - Friday October 19th

Labrador Morning

* What do the falls in Churchill Falls look like now that Nalcor Energy is releasing water from the upper reservoir? We'll find out when we speak with Robert Dawe who lives there. * With all the snow you might be dreaming of skiing soon and if you're around Happy Valley-Goose Bay downhill skiing will be possible again this winter. Later on we'll tell you all the latest on Snow Goose Mountain reopening. * Yesterday some more info now on the situation unfolding at Muskrat Falls. shocking news.... Astaldi, the main contractor there, was told to stop working. * Last year he crossed Newfoundland on his own dime... this year- he tried crossing Labrador backed by a bunch of sponsors, but the early winter forced him to abandon his journey We check in with adventurer Justin Barbour.

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