Ontario police officer frequently makes arrests while singing showtunes

This is That

After interviewing literally hundreds of Canadian musicians over the years, hosts Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring remember some of their favourites on this week's special episode about Music. Like Jake Hunter, the Canadian trying to make it big in America with songs like "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines," a tribute to NASCAR. And George Haywood, the legendary folk musician behind the iconic ballad, "Tall Grass." But also some lesser known acts, like Fort McMurray's forgotten depression era singing groups and famed Canadian hummer, Gary Howlogan. Perhaps most memorable is the interview with rap artist with Little Nas-T, who collaborated with Revenue Canada on an album that encouraged Canadians to properly file their taxes. But of all of the musicians featured on This Is That, their favourite is the Thunder Bay police officer who makes arrests while singing. Click listen to hear to moments from all of these stories and the "Singing Policeman" in its entirety.

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