Labrador Morning - On Demand - Friday October 12th

Labrador Morning

* Coming up, we hear from TJ Gear, owner of Gears Gains Fitness Centre and Strongman Competition organiser, Jim Garland about this Saturday's Strongman Competition * Five years after his death, friends and family of Francis Penashue are raising money for ALS patients and research. We'll hear more about it from his grand-daughter, Thea Penashue. * The Town of Happy Valley Goose Bay is holding pre-budget public consultations this weekend. We'll hear from councillor Michelle Baikie * Jay Legere is a CBC producer living in Yellowknife...Originally from Happy Valley-Goose Bay...anyone who knows Jay knows that he loves being out in the woods...Turns out, he's also got his own YouTube channel all about camping. And with close to 12-thousand subscribers and counting..he's def onto something. We're going to chat with Jay

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