Labrador Morning - On Demand - Wednesday October 3rd

Labrador Morning

* Coming up we'll hear how a researcher is having a hard time, between fishing and hunting seasons * We'll hear from Rich Lewis, of the Trappers Running club who will be competing in his first Marathon this Sunday. * A great hunter...a Moravian lay minister.....a former board member of the Labrador Inuit Association....we are remembering the life and the contributions of the late Julius Merkuratsuk who passed away in Nain on Monday * Quebec's Elections took in more than just a historic party change... they took in a little Labrador as well. We'll talk about that * They've spent over a decade documenting grave sites of this province's first world war service members... And they're just getting started... We'll speak to Michael Pretty about the work being done by the "Trail of the Caribou" Research Group

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