Labrador Morning - On Demand - Wednesday September 26th

Labrador Morning

* Investing in a hydroelectric project....history tells us cost over runs are just about the only guarantee. We'll find out more at the Muskrat Falls inquiry * Looking for a home? We'll hear the story of Amos Semigak, a member of Happy Valley Goose Bay's homeless population who came here from the north coast. * Happy Valley is 75 years old today! We're going to speak with 81-year-old Ronald Perrault about the founding of Happy Valley....and he would know - his family was one of the first three families who settled the area in 1943 * The new Wabush 3 opened yesterday, we'll hear what that means for Labrador West * We head to the Gathering and Gull Island where it sounds like everyone had lots of fun

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