No internet in Labrador West, a house fire and sentencing for Muskrat Falls protesters: Labrador Morning On-Demand

Labrador Morning

We get details on a house fire that broke out in Labrador City earlier this week. (6:07) Not everyone in St. Lewis thinks a mine could be bad for the community, we'll talk to the mayor about some of the positive changes she thinks it could bring (13:29) Labrador West is in the dark ages...after the internet went out this week. Their service was knocked out by two separate incidents. (19:52) They occupied the Muskrat Falls site nearly two years ago but only got their sentence yesterday. We'll head to the supreme court and speak with one of the occupiers about his thoughts on the long court process. Gateway Labrador is hosting its first art exhibition in Labrador West next week...we'll get the details.

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