July 21, 2018 - Bread came before agriculture, driving drowsiness, the science of 'Ant-Man,' geese race north, dolphins avoid the bends, Jupiter's new moons and a question of symmetry

Quirks and Quarks

A bread recipe from 14,000 years ago: wild oats, barley, wheat and roots. Your car might be trying to kill you by lulling you with sleep-inducing vibrations. The science behind 'Ant-man' - Did they really just put 'quantum' in front of everything? Migrating geese are losing the race north - and their chicks are paying the price. Diving a kilometre down and not getting 'the bends' - how dolphins do it. New moons of Jupiter came from a demolition derby, and it's not over yet. The reason why most animals are symmetrical has to do with their locomotion

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