Dr. Rebekah Shoop

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Doctor Rebekah Shoop's appreciation for the healthcare system in Ontario has grown since she started volunteering in Central America in 2005. She's spent most of her time in the village of Comitancillo where, since studying to become a nurse and later a doctor she has not only offered her sweat equity but has helped raise money for medical equipment for a two thousand square foot public health centre that treats 65 thousand people; started a pre-natal program; worked to help villagers access eco-stoves for heat and cooking and the journey also led to her meeting the man who she would eventually marry. When she's not in Guatemala Rebekah Shoop is a Doctor at Cambridge Memorial Hosptial and West Haldimand General in Hagersville. She is the founder and volunteer co-ordinator of Alianza Canada, the organization that raises money for the village of Comitancillo.

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