CBC Asks: Breaking Meth - What's needed to beat the crisis in Manitoba?

Information Radio - MB

Meth in Manitoba. How do we beat it? What can we do to save our families? Throughout the week, we will bring you stories of community members and families caught in the grips of Meth Addiction, and explore what our province needs to do to help addicts. On April 25th, join CBC Manitoba Asks, a discussion about the affects of meth in Manitoba and what we can do to conquer the crisis. Moderating our way into the discussion are CBC Radio One hosts, Marcy Markusa, Ismaila Alfa, Marjorie Dowhos and Jill Coubrough. You'll also hear from a diverse panel and have many opportunities to ask questions and share your own views. Join our conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #CBCMBAsks.

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