'Freaks and Geeks: The Documentary' director Brent Hodge

The Homestretch

Over the years, television dramas have done their best to capture the comedy, difficulty, angst and awkwardness that is high school. From The Wonder Years to Friday Night Lights to My So-Called Life, everyone has a favourite show. One of the best in the past 20-years was Freaks and Geeks. The single-camera sitcom started out as a critical darling and then tanked in the ratings. It ended in July 2000, after just one season, but Freaks and Geeks soon developed an afterlife with a cult-like following. Now a documentary -- full of cast interviews and never-before-seen footage -- is trying to explain the phenomenon that was Freaks and Geeks. It's screening at the Calgary Underground Film Festival on Sunday. Alberta's Brent Hodge directed 'Freaks and Geeks: The Documentary.' He spoke with host Doug Dirks.

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