Danielle Mukash on her refusal to go to Vald'or Hospital and the voice of daughter Natasia at CERP Commission

Eyou Dipajimoon (Cree)

Danielle Mukash (Odanak) - I have refused to go to Val D'Or hospital for my appointments in solidarity with my daughter and all who have suffered racism. CHB advised me that if I want to go anywhere else they will fly me to VD only and then I'm on my own. Why should I encourage a town which treats us this way!!! What gets me the most is that I'm told that I look white, that I don't have to worry about being treated poorly!! I know who I am, my skin does not define me. I am proud O'Bomsawin woman of the Abenaki Nation married into the Cree Nation. And I'm a warrior. I am a traditional grandmother. I will not use white privilege because on the outside I look white... I'm not courageous but I have integrity and if my actions don't bring changes at least I will stand in front of my Maker and know that I stood with my brothers and sisters in solidarity. Aho!

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