Health officials confirm TB in Nain death and Paul Rich not guilty in fraud charges: Labrador Morning On-Demand

Labrador Morning

On the show we'll talk to health officials about how they're responding to the death of a teenager from tuberculosis and the Nunatsiavut president about what's next (1:06). Paul Rich was accused of fraud for taking excessive salary, bonuses and incentives to the tune of 1.5 million dollars but he was cleared in Supreme Court. We'll tell you why (20:52). There's a new offer from IOC to it's unionized workers, we'll hear about it from United Steelworkers Union President Ron Thomas (29:00). Then we're going to find out about an annual dogsled race that pays tribute to a well-known musher on Labrador's South Coast (35:05). And wax those skis because tomorrow is the Great Labrador Loppet in Labrador West (42:58).

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