London public health advocate takes on the chiropractic industry

Afternoon Drive

Ryan Armstrong, 28, has filed complaints with the College of Chiropractics of Ontario against two London chiropractors for unscientific treatment claims. By the end of April, he hopes to file over 20 against chiropractors in Ontario. Armstrong recently graduated from Western University with a PhD in biomedical engineering. He's the creator of, through which he "examines deception in health." In this interview with Chris dela Torre, Armstrong says he doesn't have anything against chiropractors who view their work as a branch of physical therapy to treat back and neck pain. Instead, his complaints are against another group within the industry who practice pseudoscience involving the manipulation of the spine. That includes claims that proper alignment of the spine can protect against diseases such as cancer. Armstrong believes the CCO has not taken sufficient action against this group of practitioners. In a statement to CBC, the CCO said that Armstrong's complaints are going through a review process, and that they cannot comment on them until a committee has completed an investigation into them.

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