Viola Desmond to grace the front of the Canadian 10 dollar bill - Margaret Conrad

Information Morning - Fredericton

Her determination to break the colour barrier back in the 1940s at a movie theatre in Nova Scotia eventually won the late Viola Desmond respect and admiration from people across Canada. And now whenever you need to break a ten, you'll be reminded of the example she set. Today Viola Desmond's face will begin gracing the Canadian 10 dollar bill. She becomes the first woman, other than the Queen, to appear on a the front of a Canadian bank note. Margaret Conrad is in Halifax today for a ceremony to mark the occasion. She's a historian and professor emerita at the University of New Brunswick. She sat on original selection committee when the search started for a Canadian woman to appear on our currency. Margaret Conrad spoke with Terry Seguin about the selection process and why Desmond won.

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