Labrador caribou will not be listed as endangered; Complaints about Air Borealis service: Labrador Morning On-Demand

Labrador Morning

The provincial government will not list George River and Torgnat Mountains Caribou as endangered. The decision comes on the advice of Indigenous groups in Labrador., but against the advice of the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (01:00). Then, when Air Borealis became the sole airline serving the Labrador coast, it promised enhanced service -- but not everyone believes it happened (10:19). After that, it was a banner week for Labrador City skier Alf Parsons at the World Master's Cup (19:27). Finally, Labradorians are descending on Ottawa this week for the Northern Lights Conference, a chance for business leaders to meet and find out how things are done in other Northern regions (25:12).

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