Brown bag lunch program in Nain; Nunatsiavut says no to listing caribou herds as endangered: Labrador Morning On-Demand

Labrador Morning

In Nain, a community where many people struggle to eat three meals a day, there's a new program to help students fuel up at lunch time. Healthy-Lunch -2-Go delivers brown bag lunches to school every morning -- and they're available to all students (00:58). Then, caribou numbers may be at a historic low, but according to the Nunatsiavut government the George River and Torngat herds are not endangered, and they don't want them listed as such (09:17). Plus, We often hear that Newfoundland and Labrador spends more on health care than any other province in the country, but where does the money go, and what do we get for our three billion dollars (18:45).

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