Bottling food the Labrador way; Kettle campaign sees huge increase in donations: Labrador Morning On-Demand

Labrador Morning

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign was a huge success in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, as donations jumped more $20,000 from last year (1:04). Then, for Steve Janes and his family, the last day at the Disney resort in Oahu, Hawaii was a doozy, as a false-alarm about an incoming ballistic missile caused widespread panic and chaos (12:38). Plus, for 24-year-old Hilary Davis, getting around in Cartwright is a challenge. She was born with cerebral palsy, and the genetic disorder called Willams syndrome, and that means it means she misses out on community events at the local school -- a sprawling building with several sets of stairs, and next-to-no parking (21:25). Finally, it can be a challenge to keep a grocery store stocked in Labrador, but Max Blake and his wife Bridget don't have to worry too much. They pride themselves on being self sufficient when it comes to having a supply of vegetables and meat throughout the year (28:36).

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