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Science - 10 videos

  • Duration 3:07

    Too many 'unknowns' about machines that can converse with us, says professor

    CBC News10 days ago
  • Duration 0:47

    Marginalized voices must be heard when creating AI policy, professor says

    CBC News10 days ago
  • Duration 0:49

    AI will affect your life even if you don't use it, expert warns

    CBC News10 days ago
  • Duration 4:40

    'Absolutely electric': Hear what it's like to win a major high school robotics competition

    News1 month ago
  • Duration 10:34

    Artemis II crew talks about inspiring the next generation with their moon mission

    CBC News1 month ago
  • Duration 6:13

    See the Starship liftoff — and the explosion that followed

    News2 months ago
  • Duration 0:55

    Eclipse-chasers gather for 'incredible' moment

    News2 months ago
  • Duration 13:07

    Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen looks ahead to his moon mission

    CBC News2 months ago
  • Duration 0:56

    Canadian astronaut says moon mission selection is 'a bit unreal still'

    CBC News2 months ago
  • Duration 1:00

    'Small and goofy': Snailfish deepest catch ever

    News2 months ago