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Step inside this gorgeous Quebec chalet that's powered by solar panels and can go off-grid in an instant

If there's ever an apocalypse, these homeowners will be just fine.

If there's ever an apocalypse, these homeowners will be just fine

As soon as Julie and Richard set foot on the 8.5 acre patch of land in Wentworth-Nord, Quebec, with a lakeside view and surrounded by trees, they knew it was the perfect spot to build their "dream chalet". The fact that the area was so remote, and there was no chance of cell service or a wifi connection only sweetened the deal for the couple seeking a respite from city life.

When it came down to the actual design, the pair had two priorities in mind. They wanted to build an environmentally-friendly home that could function off-grid, "but also, it had to look amazing," Julie told us. The result is an aesthetic that's industrial but cozy, with vintage pieces sprinkled throughout the space that add character to an otherwise modern interior. To keep everything as sustainable as possible, the couple included elements such as a wood-burning furnace, solar panels and an in-house nursery to grow fruits and vegetables. And while Julie and Richard say they're not the type to think about the apocalypse, their self-sufficient home has them fully prepped, just in case.

If ever an apocalypse, these homeowners will be just fine. 3:28


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