Japanese-Canadian Internment

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Japanese-Canadian Internment - 10 videos

  • Duration 7:44

    Joy Kogawa recalls her internment experience in 1999

    Archives24 years ago
  • Duration 1:49

    Japanese Canadian veterans fighting for inclusion

    Archives25 years ago
  • Duration 9:15

    The long journey home for a Japanese Canadian family after the war

    Archives26 years ago
  • Duration 3:10

    Japan apologizes for its role during war

    Archives28 years ago
  • Duration 4:30

    Canadian government apologizes to Japanese Canadians for wartime internment

    Archives35 years ago
  • Duration 5:38

    Japanese Canadians celebrate success

    Archives35 years ago
  • Duration 17:36

    Compensation and apology for Japanese Canadians interned during war

    Archives35 years ago
  • Duration 2:20

    Japanese Americans receive redress

    Archives35 years ago
  • Duration 1:53

    Veterans oppose redress for Japanese Canadian internees

    Archives37 years ago
  • Duration 20:55

    Japanese Canadians suffered loss of freedom and property during WW II internment

    Archives38 years ago