Barbara Frum: Pioneering Broadcaster

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Barbara Frum: Pioneering Broadcaster - 10 videos

  • Duration 16:27

    Barbara Frum's daughter pays tribute

    Archives27 years ago
  • Duration 0:32

    Unveiling of the Barbara Frum Atrium at the CBC

    Archives30 years ago
  • Duration 29:33

    CBC colleagues' moving tribute to Barbara Frum

    Archives32 years ago
  • Duration 13:32

    The last word: Mordecai Richler with Barbara Frum

    Archives32 years ago
  • Duration 4:34

    Barbara Frum reflects on her 10 years at The Journal

    Archives32 years ago
  • Duration 9:48

    Barara Frum talks to Russians about their future

    Archives34 years ago
  • Duration 24:33

    Ben Johnson's doctor Jamie Astaphan on trial

    Archives35 years ago
  • Duration 8:17

    Barbara Frum interviews Shirley MacLaine

    Archives38 years ago
  • Duration 16:13

    A 1983 interview with Margaret Thatcher, Britain's 'Iron Lady'

    Archives40 years ago
  • Duration 6:29

    The Journal premieres with journalist Barbara Frum in 1982

    Archives42 years ago