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      Mick Jagger and Keith Richards remember the early days of the Rolling Stones

      Archives34 years ago
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      Celebrating 10 years with Sharon, Lois and Bram

      Archives35 years ago
    • Montreal considers allowing right-hand turns on a red light in 1999

      Duration 2:47
      Archives25 years ago
    • Duration 5:13

      A review of 1993's The Fugitive

      Archives30 years ago
    • Duration 1:15

      Sinead O'Connor on CBC-TV in 1988

      Archives36 years ago
    • Duration 1:33

      Pepper-eating contest gets hot in Vancouver in 1985

      Archives38 years ago
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      Puffin-watchers keep an eye on the Nova Scotia bird in 1992

      Archives31 years ago
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      Barbie's math problem in 1992

      Archives31 years ago
    • Duration 5:43

      Director Denis Villeneuve wins Oscar nomination in 2011

      Archives13 years ago
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      El Nino says hello in 1983

      Archives40 years ago