CBC Radio Programs and Original Podcasts

What are we looking for in the pitch?
Here’s what we’ll ask. So before you submit, ask yourself:

  • Does my idea take CBC Radio and Audio forward in reaching new audiences, with the potential to cross platforms and reflect the diversity of this country? How?
  • Will my idea create big impact in terms of audience reach or critical acclaim? (hopefully both!)
  • Is my idea unique? What else is ‘out there’ and how does my pitch stand out?
  • Is my pitch FOCUSSED? What is my elevator pitch and have I tried it out to see if people get it?
  • Does it represent an innovative approach to storytelling, concept and/or treatment?
  • Does my idea include voices we don’t usually hear?
  • How would my idea iterate over different platforms? How could it be expressed on terrestrial radio, as a podcast, as video, on social media? And have I captured that in my pitch?
  • Does it fill existing gaps in our current programming? Tell us what YOU think we’re missing and how your idea delivers something fresh.
  • Will it bring NEW listeners to the CBC Radio brand? Specifically, how will it grow the diverse millennial and 35-49 audiences?
  • Will it have narrative richness and high production quality or is it a more stripped down treatment and why?

What are we looking for from you?

  • Some proven experience in creating and delivering stellar storytelling and programming.
  • Suggestions for the team, schedule and draft budget
  • Passion and focus, tempered with an open mind, willingness to collaborate, receive feedback and evolve thinking during the development process.

What subject areas are we looking for?

We don't have a simple list of subjects. Is Love Me a relationship show? Is Out in the Open a current affairs show? And, more broadly, Is Planet Money a business show, Reply All a tech show or Parts Unknown a food show? Kind of, sure. But they’re all so much more than the subject they focus on - they are original, compelling programs with unique voices, treatments, perspectives. So think about arenas of storytelling more than literal or limiting ‘subjects’. Think about subject areas as lenses, arenas, tools that you use to tell compelling and engaging stories.

A note about what we’re not looking for:

  • Ideas that mimic content that already exists - on CBC Radio or elsewhere.
  • For podcast pitches, due to copyright issues, we are less interested in pitches with a strong musical component.
  • Ideas that are better told as short-term series on existing programs