Permissions FAQ: Audio/Video Permissions

I am a university student and have come across a video clip on your website that I am hoping to use in a presentation. Is it possible for me to use it?
Unfortunately, we can’t give permission for this type of use without charging a sizeable licensing fee. However, you are welcome to create a link to the cbc.ca page in your presentation, so your fellow students may view the CBC content.
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I'm writing for permission to web-host a copy of a video clip from 'the fifth estate'. I have seen it on file sharing networks, but it's not available on cbc.ca.
Unfortunately we don't allow web-hosting of CBC content. There are many issues surrounding video clips from programs such as 'the fifth estate', which have been cleared for CBC use only. If you find any video clips on cbc.ca that you wish to use, we recommend you allow your visitors to view this content by creating a link from your site to cbc.ca.
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I’d like to use parts of Metro Morning for classroom use. These audio clips would only be made accessible to students using my school’s password-protected site. Who should I contact to get permission?
These types of requests must be considered on an individual basis. Please submit a request through our online Permissions form.
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