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Songs of Seduction and Courtship

archie fisher.jpgThe ancient love ballads of folk music rarely end happily.

The lovers usually end up separated and heartbroken. That's if they're both still alive.

But there's a comic side to the song tradition as well.

This Saturday (June 11) on the Performance Hour, you'll hear songs both comic and tragic in a session recorded at last summer's Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival.

The session is called "Bird in the Bush: Songs of Seduction and Courtship."

Your balladeers are Eliza Carthy and John Roberts from England, Archie Fisher from Scotland, and Anita Best from Placentia Bay.

They gathered on a sunny Sunday at Bannerman Park in St. John's to ponder the perils and pratfalls of romance.

You can hear the show Saturday afternoon at 5:35 island time, on CBC Radio One.

"Bird in the Bush" is also available at our Concerts on Demand website, where you can hear the finest music in Canada at the click of a mouse.

Photo: Archie Fisher is one of the great names in Scottish folk music.