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Get the inside scoop on the political parties and the people who would run this province, as we bring you profiles of the major party leaders, as well as in-depth looks at the parties themselves, their policies, and their chances this election.

Progressive Conservative Leader Pat Binns

The Progressive Conservatives

Party Leader: Pat Binns

Pat Binns, now seeking his fourth mandate as premier of Prince Edward Island, will certainly once again be at the centre of the Progressive Conservative campaign.
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Liberal Leader Robert Ghiz

The Liberal Party

Party Leader: Robert Ghiz

In 2003, Liberal Leader Robert Ghiz came into the provincial election a political neophyte, dragging behind him a battered provincial party and an enormous political legacy.
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New Democratic Party Leader Dean Constable

The New Democratic Party

Party Leader: Dean Constable

The 2007 election campaign coincides with Dean Constable's first anniversary as leader of the Island New Democrats, a job he won in April of 2006.
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Green Party Leader Sharon Labchuk

The Green Party

Interim Party Leader: Sharon Labchuk

Sharon Labchuk has been an environmental activist on P.E.I. for close to 20 years, but this is her first run as a candidate in provincial politics.
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