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CBC Television | July 12, 2006

Carr's Oyster Bar

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Carr's Oyster Bar

Only seven years after opening for business Carr's Oyster Bar has become the P.E.I. destination for oysters. The restaurant's servers have had success both nationally and internationally at oyster shucking competitions, but the secret of Carr's success is freshness.

Carr's has its own shellfish operation that ships oysters internationally. You can see the wharf where the oysters are landed from the deck where you eat them, and the oysters aren't shucked until you order them.

Raw on the half shell is the most popular dish at Carr's, but the restaurant offers up cooked options as well, including its own creation with mango chutney and Parmesan cheese. The restaurant offers a full menu with a strong focus on shellfish: clams, mussels, quahogs.

If you are emboldened by your first experience of eating living seafood, stop at the wharf and buy some of Carr's oysters to take home and shuck yourself.

How to shuck an oyster

Carr's Oyster Bar

Place the oyster, rounded side down, on a towel to provide a surface the oyster won't slip around on. Slip the oyster knife into the oyster right next to the hinge, the part of the oyster that stays together when it opens, and pry apart. Slide the knife over top of the oyster muscle to completely detach top shell. Discard top shell.

Slide knife under the oyster muscle to detach it from the lower shell. Clear any shell debris from edge of shell.

Place oyster in the lower shell on crushed ice, serve with fresh lemon slice or a bit of seafood cocktail sauce.


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