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CBC Television | August 29, 2006

Cedar's Eatery

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Cedar's Eatery

Even an Islander doesn't want to eat seafood every day, and in a province not known for its ethnic food, it's comforting to turn to Cedar's Eatery, which for 25 years has been serving up some of the best Lebanese food on the continent.

Cedar's, just two blocks from Province House in Charlottetown, offers the classic selection of invigoratingly spiced meat sandwiches – shish taouk, kababs, shawarma – but chef-proprietor Maroun Abdallah chooses falafel as his signature dish.

Falafel, while introduced to North America by Lebanese for the most part, is a common dish across the Middle East, served up by street vendors or as a popular snack at home for young people.

It's difficult to explain the appeal of falafel – ground-up, deep-fried beans – to anyone who hasn't had it. There is something pleasing about the texture of beans cooked in hot oil rather than stewed. Abdallah prefers the texture provided by a meat grinder, but allows it is possible to make this recipe with a food processor.

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1 lb chick peas
1 lb fava beans
1 onion
1/2 cup peeled garlic cloves

To taste:
Cayenne pepper

Soak chick peas and fava beans overnight. Drain.

Mix together all ingredients and run through a meat grinder. Let sit for one hour. Form into balls. Deep fry in vegetable oil until crispy all over, 5-10 minutes.

Serve on pita bread with parsley, sliced radish, tomato, red onion and a sauce of tahini, lemon juice and garlic.


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