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Summer Eats - Meat Meets Heat
CBC Radio | July 17, 2006

CBC Radio - Meat Meets Heat
A Glass of WineAugust 25, 2006:
As the meat sizzles and our barbecue cookies await, chef Youdale invites you to pop the top off a nice cold … Reisling.Click arrow to view page
Healthy GrillingAugust 18, 2006:
Chef Craig Youdale shares some thoughts on how to make your backyard grilling a little healthier.Click arrow to view page
Summer BakingAugust 11, 2006:
If it's summer, Craig Youdale doesn't want to be making food inside. He talks to Mitch Cormier about baking on the barbecue.Click arrow to view page
Meat Finally Meets HeatAugust 4, 2006:
You've bought the grill and tools, selected your meat, prepared it carefully, and now the meat finally meets the heat.Click arrow to view page
Rubs and MarinadesJuly 28, 2006:
One final thing to think about before the meat hits the grill, how to get the most out of rubs and marinades.Click arrow to view page
Meat SelectionJuly 21, 2006:
Craig Youdale says that one of the most common questions people ask about barbecuing is what to look for when selecting meat to grill.Click arrow to view page
Barbecue Tools: what you really needJuly 14, 2006:
A grill isn't enough: Craig Youdale tells Mitch Cormier what other tools you should have on hand.Click arrow to view page
BBQ Buyers GuideJuly 7, 2006:
Craig Youdale tells Mitch Cormier what to look for when buying a barbecue.Click arrow to view page
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