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Power Points
CBC News at Six | Sept. 27, 2006

CBC Television's Sara Fraser presents a nine-part series on how to save energy all year round.

As the weather starts to turn colder, Canadians turn their thoughts to the cost of keeping themselves warm through the winter months. For many, this has become a more urgent issue as the cost of heating oil rises every winter.

But saving money on energy should be more than just a wintertime obsession. As Power Points host Sara Fraser demonstrates, there's money to be saved all year long on heating and cooling, lighting your home and driving your car. You can stop your appliances from using energy when you're not using them, and help prevent energy from being washed down the drain.

Power Points
Washing MachinesWashing Machines:
Front-loading washers use 40 per cent less water per load and 50 per cent less energy than top-loading washers.

Find out more on how to clean your clothes and not clean out your wallet. (runs 2:19)
Lighting in your home accounts for five to 10 per cent of your total energy use. The average Canadian household has 30 light fixtures, indoors and out.

Let's take a look at your light bill to see where we can save you money. (runs 1:38)
Save On FuelSave On Fuel:
You can save as much as 25 per cent on fuel if you stick to a cruising speed of 90 kilometres an hour on the highway.

Here are some ways to save when driving your car. (runs 2:04)
Air ConditioningAir Conditioning:
How can you cool off without breaking the bank?

A look at cooling down in the summer heat. (runs 2:16)
Phantom PowerPhantom Power:
Stem the flow of standby power in your home and save on your electricity bill around the house by simply unplugging.

Find out more on unplugging. (runs 2:31)
Water HeatingWater Heating:
Ninety per cent of energy used to heat water goes down the drain.

Be sure you're using hot water efficiently. (runs 2:39)
New HomesNew Homes:
It costs more up front to install energy-saving devices when you build a new home, but over time you'll see the savings.

Here are some things to consider when you build a house. (runs 2:55)
Wood StovesWood Stoves:
Last year demand for woodstoves skyrocketed along with the price of home heating oil. If you don't already have one, perhaps you're thinking about putting one in.

Find out how a wood or pellet stove can save you money. (runs 3:59)
Home InsulatingHome Insulating:
Half of every energy dollar you spend goes to heating your home.

Here are some tips on keeping the drafts out and your dollars in. (runs 4:01)
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