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Hunting the KGB Killers is the inside story of the international manhunt for the killers of former KGB spy turned British citizen Alexander Litvinenko. Following the trail left by of one of the world’s deadliest poisons, detectives detail the investigation that led right to the steps of the Kremlin. With stories of Russian spies and political interference making headline news, Hunting the KGB Killers offers timely insight into the dark side of Putin’s power by revealing the true story behind a shocking political assassination.

The haunting picture of Alexander Litvinenko, pale and gaunt in a London hospital bed captured the world’s attention in November 2006. A British citizen, he’d been poisoned on British soil with the radioactive isotope Polonium 210. Although gravely ill, the former KGB operative who had once tried to blow the whistle on Kremlin corruption, recorded an extraordinary account intended to help solve his own murder. Scotland Yard detectives were then faced with an unprecedented investigation rife with political and diplomatic obstacles.

Speaking publicly about the case for the first time, detectives Brian Tarpey and Clive Timmons reveal each step of the police inquiry, including how they followed the lethal trail of radiation through the heart of London and of their of their cloak-and-dagger trip to Russia to interview two Russian agents suspected of administering the poison.

Litvinenko’s wife Marina and son Anatoly emphasize the human cost behind the espionage and intrigue, offering intimate revelations about a husband and father. More than a decade later, no one has been charged with the death, but Marina successfully campaigned for a public inquiry into her husband’s murder.

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