features These Western women left their home countries to join ISIS Why did they do it? And what happened when they got to Syria? More »
features Love, money and betrayal: are Harry and William at war? A new documentary looks at reported tensions and how they may have led Harry to step back from royal duties More »
features ‘With artificial intelligence, we have nowhere to hide. Don’t you think it’s horrifying?’ Chongqing, China has 300,000 CCTV cameras. Liu Hu explains what it's like to live under surveillance. More »
features Canada’s indifference to the deaths of seven First Nations teenagers is ‘just plain racism’: Tanya Talaga The fractured and often violent relationship with Indigenous Peoples started in the past but bleeds into the present, says writer and documentary filmmaker Tanya Talaga More »
features “It is very painful when this happens. When we lose one of our children” : Mother pleads for change Maryanne Panacheese’s son, Paul, died while attending high school in Thunder Bay, Ont. More »
features The world’s most famous running coach pushed the limits with his training — I wanted to find out if he cheated Point of View Coach Alberto Salazar was backed by Nike and produced dozens of champions. He was banned for doping in 2019. But was he truly guilty? More »
features Spirit to Soar: Where We Come From (Podcast) This limited-run podcast is a companion to the documentary Mashkawi-Manidoo Bimaadiziwin Spirit to Soar. The four-part series is told first in Anishinaabemowin by Elder Sam Achneepineskum and then in English by Jolene Banning. More »
features ‘There was a Black pilot on that flight?’ Remembering LeRoy Homer, pilot on United Airlines Flight 93 On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Melodie Homer wants more people to know her husband’s untold story More »
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