features She spent 2 months underground with her infant son — and 1,000 other people — as Russia attacked Mariupol ‘When you’re down there, time disappears. You can’t tell day from night.’ More »
features The ‘devastating truth’ about what happened in Mariupol, Ukraine, from those who lived through the destruction First-hand video footage from survivors shows the horror in Mariupol as Russia attacked. More »
features How a ragtag group of online investors changed the way people invest their money If the GameStop story has a legacy, it’s that a whole new generation of investors believes they can make themselves rich instead of leaving it to the ‘experts’ More »
features ‘We’re going to change the market’: 5 ordinary people who took on Wall Street and won These online traders bet big on GameStop and AMC, and found community and a greater purpose in the process. More »
features Previously unheard tape from BBC Archives reveals Duke of Windsor wanted Britain to appease Hitler The tape was labelled 'IMPORTANT: Not to be broadcast' More »
features Historians believe the Duke of Windsor actively collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War New documentary presents the case that the Duke of Windsor’s dealing with the Nazis were extensive — and that his actions were covered up by the British government after the war More »
features These strangers all have the same biological father: the fertility doctor who helped their parents have a baby In the documentary Seeds of Deceit, a group of ‘Karbaat children’ meet for the first time More »
features They went to a renowned fertility doctor. He secretly impregnated them with his own sperm There are at least 71 ‘Karbaat children’ who have been confirmed by DNA tests or by the doctor himself More »
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