Article Far-right extremist groups and hate crime rates are growing in Canada ‘Canadians are very complacent. We can’t deny it here any longer — it’s just blatant,’ says one hate crime researcher More »
Article New implantable devices can treat a surprising range of neurological conditions Pioneering research in neuromodulation at Toronto’s University Health Network is improving patients’ lives More »
List The robots are coming! Nine industries impacted by tech innovations There was a time when movies and pop culture predicted that the machines were coming and they would wipe out the human species. But if recent tech innovations are any indication, they're not coming for us...they're coming for our jobs. More »
Article Recycling was a lie — a big lie — to sell more plastic, industry experts say Less than 10 per cent of the plastics we’ve used have been recycled. A new documentary reveals why More »
Article Concern about mandatory vaccination is not a new phenomenon in Canada Although the majority of Canadian children are immunized, some parents have lingering misconceptions about vaccines More »
List 5 ways doctors and scientists are fighting antibiotic resistance If nothing is done, drug-resistant infections could kill 10 million people a year by 2050 More »
Article How the NRA, a powerful influence on American politics, found itself under attack “If I’m elected, NRA, I’m coming for you,” said Democratic nominee Joe Biden More »
Article ‘Amazon knows more about you than your best friend or your doctor’ Our online behaviour can tell the company more than we think — and this could have a big impact on our lives More »
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