The World According to Amazon

Reveals how one company is taking control of how we shop, how we run our economy and the data that defines us.

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The World According to Amazon

The Passionate Eye

In 1994, in a Seattle garage, Jeff Bezos created a bookstore. 25 years later, his company owns over 250 warehouses, ships 14 million parcels a day and dominates the e-commerce market in five continents. The World According to Amazon pulls back the curtain on Bezos’ monolith — revealing how it’s impacted so many aspects of our lives, making him the world’s richest person in the process.

What’s next for Amazon? In Seattle, 20% of the downtown area is occupied by Amazon. Tens of thousands of executives fill their highrises, causing rents to skyrocket and homelessness to increase by 600%. When the government declared a state of emergency Amazon fought the tax that was meant to counteract the problem, and then it launched its own housing policy.

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But for Bezos, dominating a city is not enough, and so he’s turned his attention to the skies, or, more specifically, the cloud. Amazon is the leader in online data storage infrastructure. 70% of the world's Internet now travels through Amazon’s data centres in Northern Virginia.

The World According to Amazon explores how a single company impacts the distribution of products, the infrastructure of our economy, and the data that defines us.