Stop Your Aging!

We can’t change our biological age, but we can change our body age. Stop Your Aging! reveals what we can all do to stop aging badly.

In a special anti-aging laboratory, three volunteers agree to undergo a battery of tests to reveal their true age. Shockingly, the effects of aging on their bodies is far greater than their birth age would suggest. In this unique experiment, they will see if twelve weeks of lifestyle changes are enough to undo the damage. Stop Your Aging! reveals what we can all do to slow down the aging process.

45-year-old Tina Collett discovers the damage her diet is doing to her skin, 49-year-old ex-policeman Rich Jones scores a body age far beyond his biological age, and 68-year-old Isabella McTaggart learns how to reverse her brain’s decline. If you’ve ever worried about aging or wanted to turn back the clock then this program is going to show you how to do it.