Sugar dating websites aim to connect attractive young people known as ‘sugar babies’ with older, wealthy men known as ‘sugar daddies’ (or women known as ‘sugar mommas’). The websites claim sugar babies can receive thousands of dollars in cash each month, as well as luxury gifts; and the right sugar daddy can even introduce them to a world of business and networking opportunities. Secrets of Sugar Baby Dating goes inside the controversial world of dating for money. Where is the line between a relationship and a transaction? How has social media influenced the way some people view personal and business relationships?

Secrets of Sugar Baby Dating travels to the UK and the US, meeting the players on both sides of the transaction. 18-year-old Valentina has seven sugar daddies who each give her a monthly cash allowance. A fashion student, she’s hoping the right sugar daddy will help her build a business. She claims to have normal relationships with her sugar daddies. “Just I’m being financially supported,” she says. New York-based Chandler, turned to a popular sugar dating website when she was desperate to pay her rent. When she realized it would pay more, she agreed to have sex with her sugar daddy, but was then scammed and never paid the money she was promised.

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In Las Vegas, the CEO of that site says that the intent of his website is not for soliciting sex. But an undercover investigation reveals that thousands of sugar babies are getting paid for sex and sugar daddies get around rules that say you can’t “pay per meet.” Secrets of Sugar Baby Dating reveals the highs and lows of sugar dating and the potential risks involved.