Available on CBC Gem Cuba’s Cancer Hope Could a lung cancer vaccine give hope to patients across the world? Innovative treatments developed in Cuba are transforming some cancers from life-threatening into chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. More »
Available on CBC Gem NRA Under Fire The NRA, once an unrivaled political power, is under attack. An investigation how the organization aligned itself with President Donald Trump and his base. More »
Available on CBC Gem Resistance Fighters The world is on the cusp of another potential medical emergency. Investigate the global antibiotics crisis and learn how negligence, greed and short-sightedness have put the world at risk. More »
Available on CBC Gem How to Get More Sleep Why is it such a struggle for so many of us to get some sleep? Advances in sleep science reveal the importance of sleep and its role in memory, trauma and our emotions. More »
Available on CBC Gem Amazon: What They Know About Us Amazon’s data-gathering operation gives them incredible power to shape our behaviour. Amazon: What They Know About Us traces the business back to the start and reveals that for Amazon, it’s always been about collecting our data. More »
Available on CBC Gem 93Queen Ruchie Freier is a tenacious lawyer in Brooklyn leading a group of Hasidic Jewish women on a mission. They hope to create the first all-female ambulance corps in New York City, despite fierce opposition from the men in their community. More »
Available on CBC Gem Inside China’s Digital Gulag Go undercover to reveal how the Chinese government is using technology to control and detain China’s ethnic Uyghur population — technology that could be exported worldwide, challenging freedom and democracy. More »
Available on CBC Gem Reversing Your Body Clock Many of us are aging faster than we should be. In a unique experiment three volunteers are put to the test to reveal who is aging badly and what can be done to stop it. More »