Inside China’s Digital Gulag

Go undercover to reveal how the Chinese government is using technology to control and detain China’s ethnic Uyghur population — technology that could be exported worldwide, challenging freedom and democracy.

Right now surveillance technology is being used to identify and control over a million Chinese people. Some are being held in detention, or so called 're-education camps'. And this advanced technology could be exported around the world.

Inside China’s Digital Gulag goes undercover into China’s secretive Xinjiang region to investigate. They record honest and critical voices, talking about the scale of the human rights abuses, hearing from — amongst others — Uyghur Muslim Chinese detained in detention camps, a Chinese government official, technology company executives and members of the security sector, as well as ordinary Han Chinese.

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The undercover team gathers evidence of the Chinese government’s work with technology companies, revealing a new form of governance that is controlling citizens, challenging human freedom and liberal democracy.