Harry & William: What Went Wrong?

The real causes of the royal rift that led to Harry and Meghan’s departure from the monarchy.

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Harry & William: What Went Wrong?

The Passionate Eye

When their mother died in 1997, Princes William and Harry’s bond seemed unbreakable. But in recent years, the relationship between the brothers appears to have become strained.

In Harry & William: What Went Wrong?, a new documentary presented by The Passionate Eye, we get an insider look at the building tension between the two brothers who were once the best of friends, and the breakdown in their relationship that led Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, to leave the Royal Family.

When they were younger, the two Princes were hailed as the future of the Royal Family. But in Harry and Meghan’s recent interview with Oprah Winfrey it became clear that their bond had broken, and a rift between the Princes seems to have been growing for years.

Now, that rift has become a chasm between them. “If this had taken place in the 15th century,” says Katie Nicholl, author of William and Harry, “one of these brothers I would imagine would be dead by now.”

While the tabloid press was happy to drive the narrative that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle did not get along, it appears that it’s Harry and William’s falling out that led to the Sussexes leaving the Royal Family for good.

So, what has gone wrong? By speaking to key royal insiders, Harry & William: What Went Wrong reveals the private fallings-out between them that occurred long before their issues became public, and asks the question; can the two Princes ever be reconciled?

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