What does it take to change a child’s life? H is for Harry is a coming of age story about Harry, a charismatic 11-year-old boy, who arrives at secondary school in suburban London unable to read or write.

The link between low income and low academic achievement is greater in the U.K. than in most developed countries. By the age of 16, 75 per cent of white, working class boys do not achieve basic government education standards. Some public schools there are offering remedial programs to assist students in need.

 MORE: Envisioning different futures may be one way for low-income students to overcome barriers to success

With the help of Sophie, his extremely dedicated teacher, can Harry overcome the illiteracy that held back his father and grandfather? Against the backdrop of a Britain divided by issues of class, identity and social mobility, H is for Harry follows Harry over two years as he fights not only to improve academically but also to believe in a different future for himself.

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